Anthium is the hallmark ore of the Sauriths of Gul Saura. Worked Anthium has a coppery appearance, whereas in its raw form or when exposed to the elements for a long period of time it gains a greenish hue. Although lightweight and hardy, its most remarkable applications are in the treatment of illness. Anthium has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 15. All items made of Anthium must be of masterwork quality.

Cost of refined Anthium = 100 250 gp per pound (recent events have increased value of Anthium)


  • Weight - 1/2 normal weight
  • Cost increase - +100gp per pound of normal item
  • Armor check penalty - reduced by 1
  • Bonus - Alchemical fortitude save bonus: +1 shield, +2 light armor, +4 medium and +6 for heavy
  • Penalty - -2 stealth due to its bright luster


  • Weight - 1/2 normal weight
  • Cost increase - +100gp per pound of normal item
  • Undead bane - +2 damage vs undead, this bonus stacks with other bonuses to damage.
  • Purity - Anthium weapons cannot be coated in poison or carry disease

Healing Kits

Surgical tools and medicinal disks made of Anthium greatly enhance a healer's skills.

  • Cost - 500gp
  • Healing checks - Additional +4 to healing checks (+6 total)
  • Recharging - Anthium healing kits may be recharged at the cost of normal healing kits as the Anthium components are not typically expended unless it is used to heal ability drain.
  • Poison - Anthium healing kits may be used to treat poison with a DC of 10 + the save DC of the poison. Success neutralizes a single dose of poison but does not heal any damage the poison may have already caused. This is a full round action.
  • Ability damage - Anthium healing kits may be used to heal 1 point of ability damage with a healing check (DC = 25 + total amount of ability damage subject has taken). This requires an hour.
  • Ability drain - The metal in an Anthium healing kit maybe used to absorb 2d2 points of ability drain. Once used in this manner, the Anthium crumbles to a whitish-green powder and the kit becomes useless. This requires a DC 30 heal check and 1 minute.

Wire 10', 5mm dia:

  • 1/10 lb
  • Max load 1000 lbs
  • DC 30 strength check to burst but does 1d6 slashing damage to unprotected flesh in attempt.
  • Does 1d4 slashing damage per round if climbed or pulled under load bare-handed.
  • Does 1 point of damage per round to undead bound by it.
  • Not suitable for medical applications.