Craft Origami

The Order of the Way has honed the art of paper folding to the point where it has become a form of meditation bridging the physical and spiritual worlds. In so doing, they are able invest a piece of themselves in a seemingly mundane sculpture of paper.

When using this skill, you may choose a class ability or spell that you possess. If you successfully craft your sculpture you lose the class ability or required spell points until the sculpture is activated. You may release a sculpture you created whether it is in your possession or not as a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. If the sculpture contained a spell or limited use class ability, you must rest before it is restored to you.

An origami sculpture may be activated as a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity but only by the crafter or someone to whom the crafter willingly gifted it. Spells function as if cast upon activation. Limited use class abilities such as Channel Energy may be used once within 1 minute of activation. Other class abilities such as Uncanny Dodge persist for 1 minute after activation.

Only the Order of the Way know this skill, although it may be possible to persuade one to train an outsider.

The Wakers have developed an analogous discipline that uses sutras, specially prepared slips of paper adorned with caligraphy.

An origami sculpture appears as an enchantment to Detect Magic unless imbued with a spell in which case it has the spell's aura.

Cost: 5gp DC: 15 + spell's caster level or ability's class level