The Saurith were long ago an offshoot of the kobold race, mixed with lizardman heritage. They still have a trace of their draconic heritage within their genes. There are only a few hundred Saurith in the world currently; petty wars between blood lines several hundred years ago decimated the population.

Personality: Saurith as a people are degenerating and losing their interest in personal challenges. They prefer to enjoy life and to direct others in their work. Rare is the Type-A personality among saurith, but those who are can make formidable sorcerers. Saurith maintain a long memory and an even longer history of familial lineages and inheritances, both of boons and of banes, of rights and of wrongs.

Residence: At least one room in each family-clan home area is designated as the "brood hall" and is the locus for activities involving the family-clan itself. The walls of the brood hall are used to record the various broods and offshoots and interminglings of the blood lines. The Wall of Leaves records the names of those passed and their brood and clutch. The Wall of Branches records the names and relationships of all the various broods and mateships and offspring. Accomplishments and alliances are recorded on the Wall of Rights (I.e. things done right). Grudges are recorded on the Wall of Wrongs and are as indelible there as they are in the saurith memory.

Major Bloodlines: Bezor, Dachach, Dahrog, Grenthik, Lugzorg, Maaki, Seevar, Trochat, Zastudil. Saurith count portions of their bloodlines in ninths, with the major bloodline of most importance.

Physical Description: Saurith generally stand between 3' and 4' tall and weigh between 50# and 70#. They have smooth lizard-like scales over their entire bodies, with articulated overlapping scales at the major joints. Their scales come in a range of green, grey, ans brown hues, often with tinges of red or yellow. Eyes are normally red, green, or grey. Their tails are about half as long as they are tall, and a ridge of tougher scales runs along the tail's top side. Male saurith also possess a finned ridge atop their heads, of differing lengths and colorations between individuals.

Relations: Saurith get along well with other saurians such as lizardmen, whom they like to employ, and kobolds, whom they like to bond into serfdom (or even slavery). They tolerate almost all other races equally but tend to be suspicious of elves, who act like they know too much. They despise gnomes for reasons too arcane to mention, an ancient feud over mining rights, all the more frustrating because the gnomes thought it resolved long ago.

Alignment: Saurith tend to be neutral and tend to be non-chaotic. No alignment is unheard-of, though Lawful Good is rare.

Saurith Lands: Before the Broodwars, the Saurith had no homeland of their own and they lived in family-clan groups scattered around the Vale. Since then, the few remaining Saurith have called Gul Saura their home.

Religion: None, but some Brooks have adopted Tolmanus, god of commerce and community.

Language: Saurith speak a pidgin dialect of Draconic and Common. Draconic is the official language of ceremonies.

Names: Male Grahdach, Kahzik, Lugzeek Female Agiza, Maezeeka, Galeegza

Adventurers: Geezbik

Saurith Racial Traits

  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution: Saurith are lithe and supple of body but also quite lean with thin bones.
  • Small: As Small creatures, etc.
  • Saurith base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Natural weapons: as carnivores, saurith possess claws and sharp teeth, giving them a claw/claw/bite as a full attack. Claw 1d4+1, Bite 1d4
  • Natural armor +1: Saurith have a smooth scaly hide which provides them a meaasure of natural defense.
  • Racial skills: +2 on Knowledge (history), Gather Information: Saurith have long memories and are taught from birth to research their bloodlines. This helps them research in other ways as well.
  • Darkvision: Sauriths have a reflective surface on their retinas, which can catch low light and even wavelengths outside normal visible light, which provides them the ability to see well even with no lighting. However, they are a bit sensitive to very bright light (though not impaired).
  • Automatic Languages: Common and Draconic. Bonus languages: Undercommon, Dwarven.
  • Favored Class: Sorcerer.
  • Favored Weapon: Pick. The saurith are automatically proficient in the light and heavy pick. They wield a weaponized offshoot of their standard mining picks.