The Dryven (druh-ven) are a reptilian race of winged humanoids. They are among the longest lived races in the Vale, surpassed only by the root-bound elders of the Sigil Elves. They are rather reclusive, making their home, Dendrell, in the peaks and cliffs of the Gul Maru Mountains.

Their numbers are split into several families, or clans, which are like subraces unto themselves. Cross-clan couplings are strictly banned. Each clan has its own specialties and preferred clan weapon whose quality and construction can be accomplished only be a true master craftsman. Such clan weapons outside of Dendrell are extremely rare.


The most noble and honor-bound of the families, the Dakori reside almost exclusively in the hermetic spires of High Dendrell and isolated cliffs of the Gul Maru Moutains. They have human-ish facial features but reptilian eyes. No Dryven covet wealth as much as the Dakori. The favored clan weapon is a wrist-mounted repeating crossbow, usually loaded with sleeping poison bolts.


The Italia clan is closest to nature among the Dryven and cousin-in-spirit to the wild elf who lives beyond the Vale. They live in the forests and Low Dendrell. They have long-pointed ears and human facial features and eyes. Their favored clan weapon is a set of silver talons, claw weapons.


The Galtinor are the warriors of the Dryven and tend to be larger and stronger but also less maneuverable on the wing. Their features are the most reptilian. Their favored weapon is a metal tail sheath of barbed steel.

Lost Families

It is rumored that there was once more than three clans among the Dryven but that those clans were lost sometime before the formation of T'Nori Vale.