NPC's by Area

Dal T'Nor

Alkor, Fifth Blade of the Brotherhood §

A slippery operative of the Brotherhood who was the middle man in a hit taken out on Geezbik. His assassination plans were foiled and the loot confiscated by the party, but Alkor escaped with the use of his trusty wand and is on the lam. He also played a role in addicting many Dal T'Norans to a substance called O.

Baron Fistus

Using a title such as Baron in Dal T'Nor is almost unheard of, but this pompous tyrant insists. He lords over several small farms in the northern outskirts of the city. He has a reputation for coercing the serfs under his lordship by withholding desperately needed resources or with threats. He punishes thieves and squealers mercilessly. Unfortunately, no one has had the courage or evidence to bring this to the attention of the Order.

The Brotherhood

Organized crime is just starting to rear its ugly head in Dal T'Nor and this newly formed band of thugs is making a play for top dog. Through intimidation, theft and outright murder they've had some success in discouraging any rum huskylour without their say so.

Koga, the Cut-Purse

A green and reckless young rogue on the streets of Dal T'Nor. Vargus nabbed him on an ill-planned trison heist and turned him into the monks rather than the cruel lord who owned the beast.

Koan, Master Smith of Old Town

Widely regarded as the premier metal crafter in all the land, although the Dwarves take some exception to that boast.


Young prostitute who got addicted to O and stole from the mistress of the Moonlit Lady. Friend of Vargus.

Magnus §?

Mentor of Vargus and retired bounty hunter. He spent his retirement busting the heads of over zealous patrons at the Moonlit Lady. Now deceased.

Snit §?

A low-life that lurks around Talen's Challenge and other places in the commons selling tidbits of gossip to fill his cup.

Surly Brutus §?

Or Shirley to his friends and soon-to-be dead men. Owner and barkeep at the Cracked Cup, a seedy establishment in the NE docks area. His head is bald with age and his belly has grown rotund, but large ropey muscles still bulge in his arms and neck.


The party never bothered to learn this big-mouthed orcish thug's name before luring him into a trap. Unfortunately for him, his loud mouth guaranteed that the Brotherhood suspected he was a liability and was there in the shadows to dispatch him before the party to squeeze any info from him. Rest in peace, Tusky!

Dal Marrow

Brahams the Brown §

Or simply Brother Brahams. A classmate of Geezbik's, he is a tall and burly direling monk of the bear totem. Tufts of brown hair poke out of the sleeves and collar of his monk's robes (shown here in bear form).

Brother Madarame §

Graduated classmate of Geezbik's, this pious young human took up a post as schoolmaster and holyman to the hamlet of Velnori. When the undead began to attack, he saved whom he could, assembled a party and ventured into the Velnorinesti to put an end to the assault. Badly wounded in the attempt, he hid himself in some cliffside caves and observed the intruders as best he could. He provided valuable information when the party rescued him. He has since returned to Dal Marrow but has suffered the loss of his left leg. Word is he plans to help rebuild Velnori as soon as he's recovered.

The Order of the Way

Masters of Dal Marrow and keepers of the peace in Dal Marrow, these altruistic monks and holy men can be found in every settlement in T'Nori Vale. They are the healers, teachers and mediators offering their services to those in need as the tenants of The Way prescribe.

Sister Elsanor, the Librarian

A mousy young monk who oversees the transcribing of tomes in the libary of Dal Marrow.

Ul-Bennith §?

Or Brother Bennith as he prefers. This venerable holy man is one of the three masters of Dal Marrow, presiding over the Halls of Serenity and current patron of the monastery's orphanage. He is friend and mentor to Geezbik and many others.

Ul-Quiorra §?

Or Grandmaster Ul-Quiorra within his dojo. A precise and disciplined master of the martial arts, this lord of Dal Marrow presides of the Halls of Fortitude. He is a Sigil Elf with skin like cedar bark and hair of dark green moss. Every monk to pass through the Halls of Fortitude in the last hundred years have trained under his watchful eye.

Ul-Sharil IX §?

An austere and proud human of some seventy winters yet with remarkable vigor, Ul-Sharil is master of the Halls of Insight, something akin to an execute branch of government. Unlike many of his fellows he commands powers both divine and arcane. His judgments tend to be draconian but are tempered by the counsel of Ul-Bennith.


Delton §?

An orphaned artist's son whose father, Landis, was killed in the initial onslaught of undead from the Great Maru Pass. Like his father his dabbles in pencil drawing. He tends to speak boldly and honestly which often invites trouble. He attempted to steal horses from the party but was pinched by Kingu. The party saw him off safely to Dal Marrow with the old man Kalinfingar.

13 years old.

Edna Grabel §?

Called Nana by the many children of Velnori for whom she served as midwife, including Delton. She is sister to Alice "Ma" Grabel of Tindale and delivered all of her children. Sadly, Edna was killed during the onslaught of undead and her restless spirit lingers in anguish.

Kalinfingar §?

A crotchety old geezer with outspoken opinions about younger folk whom the party rescued from the ruins of Velnori. He took Delton with him to Dal T'Nor.

Mayor Cornelius Cathwright §?

Mayor of the hamlet of Velnori for several decades, this aging bureaucrat barely escaped the assault of undead. He is well-liked but steeped in his ways. Word has it he is at Dal Marrow speaking with the Order about rebuilding the village

Waker's Monastery

Brother Trammel

Friend of Cowl, Brother Trammel attained Awakening chained to a rock with many razor-edged and heavily weighted links in the Ritual of Steelbriar. His magnificent enlightenment was celebrated by his brethren upon his arrival in Kulgaris.

The Nameless Ones

Wakers of enormous devotion sometimes choose to undergo a transformative ordeal which purges the self. They give up their names, eyesight and ego to better attain enlightenment. As such they serve the Monastery and their brothers with unshakable loyalty.

Ul-Nullith §?

Grandmaster of the Order of the Wakers, Ul-Nullith has delved mysteries of suffering and self that would have shattered the sanity of most men. After multiple Dreamings in which the Order of the Wakers is obliterated from the Vale, he struck a pact with the Lord of the Underworld and moved the Monastery to Kulgaris. There in the lowest circle of Kulgaris the Order has carved out a small sanctuary where they have seen the many horrors therein.

The Wild Lands

Kulessa, Former Kensai of Sigil

Once the spiritual leader of her people during tumultuous times, she forsook all that she knew for the love of Adakar. Read her tragic tale here: The Legend of the Last of the Old People

Adakar Mithranir, Last of the Old People

Adakar is a major figure in Direling folklore.


Alice "Ma" Grabel

Keeper of Tindale's only Inn, this elderly yet spry halfling woman was once the heart's desire of many travelers through Tindale. Even now she still flirts like a teenager. Many of the folks that live in Tindale are her children, although they are of varying paternal lineage. She is sister to the late midwife of Velnori, Edna.


Yet another of Ma Grabel's children (half human), this quiet man is the town's leather crafter.


Another of Ma Grabel's spawn (half dwarf), this burly and tenacious man is Tindales blacksmith.


One of Ma Grabel's oldest boys (half elf), he keeps the small shrine and serves as the town's healer and holy man. He studied at Dal Marrow for a few years but returned to Tindale before finishing his studies.

Zeth, Swamp Village

Amos Moses, the Fish and Hide Monger

Cooter Moses, Raider Initiate

Dillan's Bog Raiders

A ragtag association of dare devils that regularly test their mettle by venturing into the deadly Blightroot Bayou. Their initiation includes sneaking into the home of a powerful and malicious hag who lives in the swamp and stealing some curious knickknack. These men will take on any outragous dare, but not for free.

Dillan Brandigan

Ester the Swamp Maid

Lucinda, Witch of the Blightroot

Mad Boudo the Swamp Hermit

Pester, the (Formerly Blind) Beggar

Riker, Dillan's Right Hand

Krallis, the Southern Keep

The Crested Hawks §?

A prestigious order of honorable mercenaries comprised mostly of former gladitorial champions. Their silver crested helms, stylized spears and feather motif shields make them stand out in any crowd.

The Red Hand

A disreputable band of mercenaries whose members have been banned from the gladitorial games for dealing death in non-lethal bouts. They'll work on the cheap, but many find their methods questionable.

Gulgaris, the Dwarven Undercity

Brother Dugarn Dvargathsen §

A dedicated archeologist and cleric of the Way who managed the artifact exchanges between the Gulgaris Abbey and Dal Marrow.

Captain Finjarn Farthen §?

This veteran commander is captain of the Gulgarin City Guard with keeps the peace in Outer Gulgaris, where commerce with foreigners is conducted. The party first encountered him while claiming a bounty on the bulettes which have been terrorizing the area outside of Gulgaris. Much to Finjarn's chagrin, he was challenged to a contest of strength by Vargus and subsequently lost to the disrespectful outsider. True to his word, Finjarn granted the party passage to the Undercity on the condition that the possessed one, Yachak, be fitted with a subjugating collar to be used in case of emergency.

Brother Jellid Bjarnsen §?

This eccentric high priest of the Gulgarin Temple of the Way is a recent convert to Tirasmus, god of time and knowledge. Much to Jellid's surprise, a temple of Tirasmus had been slowly forming under the Temple of the Way, slowly carved out of the rock below by water erosion from the temple's sacred fountains. He is a font of information on these newly-discovered gods and the world outside the Vale. At the party's request, he performed and exorcism on Yachak. And although he did successfully banish the creature back to the underworld, Kulgaris, the creature held fast to Yachak and dragged him back to hell as well.

Gulgaran City Watch §?

King Kogmar XIII §?

Outside the Vale

Aljandar, the Butcher of Q'Saad §

Long has the cautionary tale of the Butcher of Q'Saad warned people not to take their heroes for granted, but most considered it a work a fiction.

In this tale, the town of Q'Saad was protected by Aljandar, a powerful swordsman and master of the Shan Kari, a lost art of sword play. He repelled various horrible marauding beasts over the years. But one fateful day, Aljandar was gravely wounded while fending off a beast a short distance outside of Q'Saad. He laid amongst the rocks and dirt for 33 days and nights but never did a townsperson come to his aid. On the 34th day he recovered enough to walk, but his thoughts had grown crimson with rage and betrayal. When he stumbled into Q'Saad he returned the warm welcome of the townsfolk with blood, massacring all in sight. In his weakened state, the people did eventually subdue him. What is not well-known is that the tale does not end there. Believing death to be too lenient a sentence for such a slaughter, the people of Q'Saad called upon powerful artificer from a distant land. This artificer bound Aljandar to a magic blade called a Spirit Chaser where he would be imprisoned until the blade's destruction. While imprisoned, he was forced serve as instructor to those who wielded the blade and bested him in a contest of will. However, he had grown so strong willed over the centuries that mortal men where no longer able to subdue him. Having become more dangerous to the wielder than his enemies, the blade was discarded and lost to the mists of time.

Goshinki §

This mysterious T'lincalli was revealed to the party in a vision provided to Dal Marrow by the Clairvost Dryven.

Maddox the Gore Claw, T'lincalli Blackguard §

An unholy warrior invader who met his end at the party's hands in the ruined temple at the Great Maru Pass. His corpse was buried with his great scythe and his many pet scorpions in a lake of magma.

Niktu, T'lincalli Necromancer §

Dark priest to an unknown force, this villain was sending hordes of virulent zombies to destroy Velnori and get a foot hold in the Vale. He was vanquished at the mouth of the Great Maru Pass among the intruding sands from the desert beyond. Among his possessions were a few previously unknown divine incantations.

Undying Tyrant §?


Captain Aesha

This Dryven commands a small contingent of troops that patrol the lands between Dendrell and the Velnorinesti. He is somewhat disdainful of humans and other "lesser" races, but was adequately incentivised to make a deliver to the party on Kalinfingar's behalf.

Erufortion, the Malcontent, Elven

Indra, Celebrant of Lillianna §?

This tiefling temptress is a priestess of the goddess of pleasure. When last seen she and her followers were wandering across the Vale in search of new followers and new pleasures.

Iridian, Half-Elven

Zarkr Zithus, Lizardman §

Zarkr was imprisoned in the undercity of Golgaris for crimes unknown. He knows the foul and sun-shunning creatures who dwell the tunnels and can extract food from the barest of places. He is wary of humans, knows very little of their speech, and doesn't stay anywhere very long.

Gul Saura

Agiza Dahrag, Handmaiden to Grahza

Grahza's faithful bodyguard and handmaiden has been by her side since Agiza herself was little more than a hatchling, being a meager six winters Grahza's senior. Lord Krahzeek insists that Agiza accompany Grahza anywhere outside of the family estate.

Dnaha Lugzorg, Sixth-Hatched

Daughter of Lord Krahzeek and Lady Galeegza and only of Geezbik's siblings to marry and raise a brood of her own. She lives in the Western Cliffs of Gul Saura with her husband and hatchlings.

Grahdach Lugzorg, Third-Hatched

The only of the Lugzorg brood to study the arcane arts, he serves as advisor to his father and brothers. He also is charged as keeper of the history of the blood line including the Wall of Rights and the Wall of Wrongs.

Grahza Lugzorg, Last-Hatched

Geezbik's spoiled and diminutive little sister who recently came to see him at Dal Marrow, traveling in the royal carriage driven by her loyal handmaiden, Agiza.

Kahzik Lugzorg, Second-Hatched

Geezbik's oldest brother who Geezbik has appointed to oversee the mines in his absence. He is a diplomat and nobleman, much like is father. Several of the rather favorable trade agreements between various other cities such as Gulgaris and Krallis were negotiated by Kahzik.

Lady Galeegza Lugzorg, Regentess of the North Hills

Geezbik's mother and Krahzeek's wife with all the noble bearing of a Regentess. Her keen eye for fashion and blinding collection of opulent jewelry are the envy of many noblewomen of Gul Saura. She favors her youngest daughter Grahza with all variety of finery.

One of her official duties is to serve as ambassador to Gulgaris and negotiate mining and trade agreements with the Dwarves. Finjarn Farthen, Captain of the Gulgarin City Guard, is friend to her and provides her with an elite security detail during each of her visits. She, like other Ambassadors, are one of the few outsiders allowed within the Undercity itself.

Lord Krahzeek Lugzorg VII, Regent of the North Hills

Geezbik's Father and ruler of the North Hills of Gul Saura. In his advancing old age he has turned over most of the duties running the family mining concern to his sons. He subjects his sons to the school of tough love but has a weakness for his daughters, Grahna and Dnaha.

Lugzeek Lugzorg, Fourth-Hatched

With little chance of being in line to succeed his father, Lugzeek was free to follow his muse and hone the art of metalworking and jewelry crafting. Although currently somewhat burdened with his share of the responsibility of running the family business in Geezbik's absence, he still finds plenty of time to sneak off to his forge and workbench. Some of Lady Galeegza's finest jewlery is Lugzeek's handiwork.

Frengia Forest

O'Ki Naka

O'Ki Toraka

This colossal elf-reborn thwarted Goshinki's attempt to penetrate the forest city of Frengia and sent the villain flying off without his tail. He directed the party southward in their quest for the Oraculum.