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Season Three Begins!

The year is 7604. Today is a Toldi and the first day of the Autumnal Procession, the week long divergence from the regular months that occurs when the smaller sun Sol surrenders dominance of the sky to its larger, colder twin, Geidi. Winter is coming.

It has been exactly three months since the heroes of the Vale risked all to stir Paliki, goddess of nature, from her centuries' long slumber on that fateful Scorchday.

Shortly after that event, nature re-surged in a second spring. Existing crops matured in a matter of days as farmers struggled to harvest. No sooner had they finished than the ground sprouted anew.

Nature, in every aspect, was fruitful and abundant; not just crops and livestock, but in the wilds and among the predators as well. Reports of attacks from wild animals skyrocketed. Creatures never before seen were described in hushed tones in wayside taverns and the streets of the capital. Travel between towns and cities became difficult and safe only in large caravans.

Not even the towns themselves were safe. Zeth, the village on the edge of the Blightroot Bayou, was completely overrun by hulking beasts and has been unapproachable since. Velnori survives only by virtue of its wooden walls, erected upon resettling after the undead invasion, and its ghostly protector. The farms on the outskirts of Dal T'Nor and other large cities require constant protection. Other settlements struggle to continue to survive.

The capital, Dal T'Nor, barely maintains its peace as the ruling monks of Dal Marrow split into factions serving different newly discovered gods. Even the people fight amongst themselves over the dictates of their new faiths. And the city's nascent underbelly has taken this as an opportunity to get foot holds all across the Vale.

The markets teem with abundant local goods and exotic wares from far-off lands. How these goods arrive here is often a mystery as no one seems to know how anyone gets beyond the Vale's natural borders: the Great Maru Mountains, the Seething Cauldron beyond which lie the Cursed Sands of Escolia, and the Blightroot Bayou.