Online Role Playing

This campaign includes a bit of written online role playing, cooperative storytelling. They can be one or more PCs and the GM although usually they are private adventures with just one PC and the GM. This is to give players another way to develop their PCs, a tale to share (or conceal) at the table, and omens of things to come.

The way it works:

  • One person (player or GM) creates a wiki page for the scene, makes the initial entry that will be the setting and set up, and invites each player that will be participating. Possibly even without the GM with certain limitations TBD.
  • Next another participant makes the next entry, continuing the story from their character's perspective.
  • This continues until the scene is over. There is no predetermined ending but they're intended to be short stories.

General Rules:

  • Players are generally free to act as if they were at the table describing PC actions and so forth.
  • Players are at liberty to presume certain outcomes normally the realm of the GM that are used to tell the story. (e.g. A card game, bow shot). But nothing too big.
  • Players can presume some NPC actions and speech for the purpose of telling the story. Just make it consistent with that NPCs personality.
  • Players are encouraged to invent NPCs, places, things, etc again for story-telling purposes but also to expand the setting.
  • As usual the GM has the last word but that's rare if ever.
  • When making an entry be sure to separate it from the others with a line of dashes like this.