Destiny Points

During play or online adventures, I'll be awarding Destiny Points for actions especially indicative of your character concept, particularly clever actions or insights, and actions that significantly move your character nearer to his fate and/or destiny.

These points can be spent at level up time as follows (or you can save them):

  • 1 = action point
  • 2 = skill point
  • 3 = hit point
  • 4 = skill trick
  • 6 = feat
  • 8 = attribute increase

Keep track of all destiny points you spend. For every 5 such points spent, you will advance and gain a destiny power that is usually tied to your heirloom. I'll be the one designing these powers, but player input is encouraged.

You can only gain one advance per level, so if you spend enough to pass two increments of 5, the second advance will occur on your subsequent level.