Action Points

Action Points

Each character starts the game with action points equal to 5 + 1/2 current character level. A character can spend 1 action point to either add to a single d20 roll, to take a special action, or to improve a feat.

Spending Action Points

You can spend 1 action point in a round. If you spend a point to use a special action, you cannot spend another point in the same round to improve a die roll.

Adding to a Roll

You can declare the use of 1 action point to alter a d20 roll after the roll is made, but only before the GM reveals the result of that roll. You cannot use action points to alter the result of rolls on which your characters takes 10 or takes 20. Higher level characters roll multiple action point dice, take the best result, and disregard the others, for the cost of 1 action point.

LevelAction Dice

Special Action

  • Activate class ability: gain another use of a class ability that has a limited number of uses per day, such as a monk's stunning fist or a paladin's smite attack.
  • Boost Defense: fight defensively and and gain double the normal benefits for the entire round (+4 dodge bonus to Armor Class, or +6 if having 5+ ranks in Tumble).
  • Emulate Feat: gain the benefit of a feat not currently possessed by the character but for which all requirements are met, lasting until the beginning of the next turn.
  • Extra Attack: gain an extra attack at highest bonus during a round in which the character takes a full attack action, whether melee or ranged.
  • Spell Boost: increase the effective caster level of a spell by +2 before the spell has been cast.
  • Spell Recall: spellcasters who prepare spells can recall any spell just cast but only in the same round that the spell is cast. Spontaneous spellcasters can spend a point to cast a spell without using one of their daily slots. (Will be changing to accommodate spellpoint system under consideration).
  • Stable: become stable at current hit point total.
  • Critical Hit: automatically confirm a critical hit. This can be done even after rolling for confirmation and failing.

Improving Feats

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