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It was the last invasion the giantkin would make from the upper Tol Maru mountains into Gulgaris, at least to date. They made their way deep into the city, and into the undercity depths.

The giants kept coming, but Olkan Deephorn fiercely stood his ground, fighting until his last, even breaking his own axe with desperate blows. Finally he succumbed but not before holding the Last Bridge against the final invader. From that battle, his family earned the name Stoutbridge.

Olkan was given a hero's memory, his remains used to stoke the forge fires. His ashes were collected into a ceremonial urn. For several generations, the descendants of Olkan Stoutbridge had unmemorable lives, until his great-grandson Lothor was born.

From a young age, Lothor showed promise and skill as a soldier, taking up apprenticeship with the Gulgarin City Watch. He showed much more talent for the jobs of the men at arms than for his own father, Thurm, a single father, a merchant who spent many late hours away from home “on business”. A series of female figures came and went in young Lothor's home life, none staying long.

Lothor was a natural at the proper fitting and use of heavy armor as well as taking quickly to his family weapon, the battleaxe. But he also showed another sort of promise – an understanding of the stone and the earth, a oneness and kinship beyond the stone bridge which gave his family's name.

Throughout his adolescence and his training as a warrior and city guard, he also came to understand the meaning of honor and loyalty and justice. Gangs of street thieves were reportedly becoming more and more adept at breaking out of the city jail and raiding the homes of the rich quarter. Worse still was when he was on guard duty in the quarter and caught a thief just on his way out from the window of a fine house – and the thief was his own father! Thurm and his fellow cat-burglar fought back against one of the city guard, slicing the guard's neck open before Lothor could recover his wits and wrestle his father to the ground. He knew then that it was what you made of your life that defined your place in the world, especially the beliefs and principles for which you spill blood. His father was no role model and was thrown in jail with his tiefling accomplice, to be judged in the king's court.

As such, Lothor turned to religion to see if any truths could be found. He met with Brother Dvargathsen several times, but The Way was too opaque and esoteric. After talking with several more scholars, he happened to meet Brother Bjarnsen who told him all about the new gods as they were known, the ones outside of The Way. Avendar's passion for justice, his form as the warrior king, the shining sun so little known underground but it's pure light cleansing the soul, the past, the people, this opened what had been within him, and he now knew his duty to serve Avendar's glory.

To take on his newfound role, he sought his own earthly role model – his great-grandfather Olkan was a man of principle and character and stood (and ultimately fell) for what he believed was right. Lothor knew it was time to give his Great-Grandfather his true legacy. He worked with the Forgemasters to reforge Olkan's mighty axe, his ashes to be pounded and folded into the very steel which remade the axe blade. To the runes of power enabling the axe's giant-biting nature, he gave it a name befitting its nature: “Great-Grandfather”.

After several successful quests for the protection of his people and in the further service of justice, Lothor returned home. The very first night, he had a visionary dream. A man known as “The Seeker” was on a holy quest to restore the old ways, resurrect that which has died, and save the future of The Vale, guided by the will of Maru. He went at once to confer with Brother Bjarnsen, who reported that this very one, this Seeker, had been in Gulgaris seeking Bjarnsen's aid less than a year ago.

Surely such a quest was the most honorable and just pursuit possible! Lothor quickly provisioned for the journey and went out on the trail of the Seeker and his companions.

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