• Saurith male
  • Monk 9
  • lawful neutral with neutral good tendencies

Character Sheet

Geezbik level 9


Items of Note

Physical Description

Geezbik is physically an average saurith, at 4 feet tall and just under 60 lbs. He is a bit stronger and quicker of hand and of wit than most. He is thin and his musculature is lean. His scales are of a rich medium green with tinges of yellow on his chest and back. His eyes are red.

He dresses somewhat meekly for a first born noble son, usually wearing a pair of loose silk trousers, occasionally a green vest, with a belt/sash of red silk. He carries two belt pouches, a ring (see above), a dagger, a crossbow and some bolts, and a waterskin. One oddity is a dwarven heavy pick that he carries strapped across his back. For travel, he wears a traveling cloak.


Geezbik loves his martial training, but some of the monks' other teachings have had trouble sinking in. He is still a bit brash, from years of upbringing as a spoiled rich kid. He has a love for the acquisition of fineries and exotics, but he is trying to learn how to set them free; he still has a taste for expensive things, but he gives away anything he can't carry on his person, often to random strangers.

He is proud of his heritage and bloodline, even though few non-saurith scholars pay much attention to saurith genaeology. He will often introduce himself by his full name: "Geezbik, Heir to the Regent of the North Hills, Firsthatched of Firstclutch of the Eighteenth marriage of the Lugzorg-Dachach bloodlines."

Geezbik is 4/9 Lugzorg, 2/9 Dachach, 1/9 Dahrag, 1/9 Bezon, and 1/9 mixed.


Geezbik was the first egg in his clutch to hatch, the first born of a titled noble father and his mother, a diplomat to the dwarven community. Geezbik belongs to the Lugzorg bloodline, who for many generations have owned several mining claims rich with ore and precious metals. His father is the latest inheritor of the mining concerns and met his current wife as she was negotiating trade agreements with some dwarves he was hiring to mine and process the material from his mines.

Regent of the North Hills was never something Geezbik wanted to inherit from his father. But growing up amongst finery, and being first born son, he could not avoid his father's attentions. The Viscount lavished his young son with expensive foods, luxurious clothes, even his own kobold attendants as practice for overseeing the mines. Truthfully, Geezbik loved the attention but always felt as if there must be something more, something important to accomplish in the world.

He thought for a long time about what he should do. When it came time for the young Saurith to follow his father's plan and oversee the mines, Geezbik took control of his own life. He gathered up some of his clothes and belongings and ran away.

After selling what he could for traveling money, and being robbed of the rest by bandits, he wandered aimless and hungry until he arrived at a monastery. They took him in and he began to learn another way of life, as well as the skills to defend himself. His initial training now complete, the monks release him into the world to learn and experience on his own.

While in the monastery, Geezbik sent a few letters home, but so far there was only one response from his parents, and it was curt and official. Once his training was finished, he stopped by home and had a terse visit. His father did provide him with some cash on hand and presented him (rather formally) with a family heirloom: his great-great-grandfather's signet, a finely crafted silver ring set with an onyx in the shape of a ram's head. To his parents, he is still their Firsthatched, but relations seem strained.

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