The Way

Symbol of the Way

In time long forgotten, ancient sages practiced in the art of meditation looked deep within their beings and found the power of the divine hidden within their souls. They learned that such power could be harnessed by a soul in perfect balance.

Since that time, the enlightened have shared these mysteries with any who would listen. This practice became known as the Way of Harmony, or simply, the Way.

Practitioners of the Way must maintain strict balance of facets of themselves physically, intellectually and spiritually. Should any aspect be neglected for too long, access to divine spells and energy channeling would be lost until balance is restored.

The Way is more of a philosophical quest than a religion and can be compatible with a faith in most gods. However, deities too out of balance are not compatible (e.g. Lillianna the Hedonist Queen, Escolia the Annihilator).