Day And Night

Under the searing gaze of the dual suns Sol and Geidi, the days and seasons pass in exacting order. The two behomoths sail across the heaves each day. And as the year passes they ponderously corkscrew one full turn about each other. When Sol sits low in the sky the earth below warms and summer reigns. And when smoldering Geidi eclipses his blazing twin the land sleeps in winter's chill.

The suns make their procession in perfect time. Never slowing or speeding. Never veering from their ancient paths.

The highest celestial holidays are the equinoxes when the weather is uncharacteristically warm as the two suns are side by side and exposing their full faces. These are times of sowing and harvest.

The solstices are considered days of ill-fortune when the elements beat upon the people at their most vulnerable.

The night's sky is pure chaos. Never does one see the same sights twice. Stars, planets, comets, supernovae, shooting stars, nebula, and all manner of phantasms flicker on the heavens for a night and are gone. Still, the learned have gleaned some melody from the cacophony and hear portents of things to come. Many believe that each living thing sees a slightly different celestial collage that speaks intimately of one's own destiny.