The campaign started in the year 7604 TC (T'Noran Calendar).

The T'Noran calendar is divided into two Solar Seasons. Sol's Season is dominated by summer. Likewise, Geidi's Season is marked by winter.

Between the Solar Seasons are the Vernal and Autumnal Processions; each a period of six days during which one sun recedes further into the universe and the other claims dominance of the sky. The Vernal Procession happens between Avenmae (the third month) and Varmae (the forth month). The Autumnal Procession happens between Thelmae (the ninth month) and Kulmae (the tenth month). Both immediately follow their respective equinoxes.

Each Solar Season is six months to comprise the twelve month year. There are four weeks in a month and seven days in a week. Adding in the twelve days for the two Processions makes a 348-day year.

Months of the Year:

  1. Tirmae
  2. Palmae
  3. Avenmae
  4. Varmae
  5. Tolmae
  6. Velmae
  7. Rathmae
  8. Lucmae
  9. Thelmae
  10. Kulmae
  11. Esmae
  12. Shulmae

Days of the Week:

  1. Tirdi
  2. Paldi
  3. Avendi
  4. Vardi
  5. Toldi
  6. Veldi
  7. Shuldi

Important Calendar Days:


Shulmae 28th (12/28) - The coldest night of winter when Sol is perfectly eclipsed by Geidi. This is a night of ill-omen. Most folks gather their families by a warm hearth and bar the doors from sunsup to the following sunsup. The first day of history is commonly held to be a Hearthday over 7600 years ago, for no older records exist.


Volmae 28th (6/28) - Also called The Glowering Suns and Day of the Burning Eye, it is the most ominous day of the T'Noran year. The perfect alignment of Sol eclipsing Geidi acts as a lens for the larger sun's light. With Sol at its perihelion baking the earth and Geidi's wrath focused like a child's magnifying glass on ants, temperatures soar. On a good year, heavy cloud cover mitigates the full brunt of the onslaught of light, but droughts, forest fires and death are common. On Scorchday people hide indoors, underground or at shaded waterholes. Farmers know to cover their crops with wet burlap on this day. And to the south one can sometimes see a pillar of blinding light miles wide slowly moving with the suns, smoke billowing in its wake.

Planting Day

First of Spring (S/1)

Reap Day

First of Autumn (A/1)

Old Soul's Day

Kulmae 13th (10/13) - A festival day during which some believe the souls of the dead can manifest in this world. Wearing masks and impersonating departed loved ones, the people of the Vale bring the dead to life for just one night.