Season 3

Tirdi, Varmae Eighth, 7604: To Forge a Key

  • Grahdach explains that the only hope of leaving this prison is by making an anthium key for a door in a lava filled room guarded by stone gargoyles. Upon investigating this chamber from Grahdach's secret passage, they are quickly discovered by the guardians who chase the party out of the chamber and seal the door with boulders.
  • The party sneaks back into the large room with the poison gas and five Iron Jailer, now fully healed, and quietly infiltrates the forge. Here they battle and defeat the Golemsmith.
  • Here the key can be crafted by combining anthium, sorcery, and a living sacrifice.

Shuldi, Varmae Seventh, 7604: Beat Downs and Brothers

  • The party leaves the Grove and returns to the prison complex in the "room with three doors".
  • Here they fight several Cinder Ghouls when they are released from the soul trapping gem in the remains of a destroyed Iron Jailer.
  • Kingu attempts to finesse open the south door but fails and the party is drained of strength.
  • In the room to the south they find a narrow walkway flanked by opaque depths of poison gas. Here they fight five Iron Jailers and nearly die. Kabir is captured.
  • The party escapes into a secret passage at the end of a narrow ledge where the Jailers cannot follow.
  • Inside they fight and defeat Throkk the Tainted One. His corpse is raised as a bloody skeleton.
  • As the party attempts to rest, Geezbik on first watch spots his brother, Grahdach, returning to Throkk's lair. The party sets upon him and eventually defeats him and takes him prisoner.

Veldi, Varmae Sixth, 7604: Nezumi Death Match

  • Party agrees to help Skrimm purge the madness that has gripped his people lately. But before the Nezumi will consent to the Ritual of Subdual, Skrimm must overthrow the current leader, Kroff the Elder.
  • With the party's help (mostly buff spells), Skrimm defeats the much more massive and powerful, Broxx the Basher, champion of Kroff. Upon their defeat, the remaining Nezumi devour them both alive.
  • Yachak performs the Ritual of Subdual while the rest of the party protects him and Skrimm from the beserking Nezumi.
  • The newly formed totem from the Ritual matures in a chrysalis, to emerge in a few days. The Nezumi rage madness is purged.

Toldi, Varmae Fifth, 7604: Vault Door

  • Party ventures into the mine where Grahdach was last seen and location of his lab.
  • Battles two earth elementals.
  • Recover treasure: Body Wrap of Might Blows, Morning Star +2
  • Painstakingly unravel the locks on the Vault door and venture inside.
  • An Iron Jailer breathes foul poison on the group but they escape down a small vent shaft.
  • A battle with rot grubs and a chain worm.
  • Meet Skrimm the Scrounger, a Nezumi (ratman) ranger, who shows the party the way through a series of vent shafts into an subterranean forest where his people live.
  • Party sleeps at the sacred mound to commune with Skrimm master, the Gardener, an ancient Italia Dryven who sacrificed his freedom to remain here with the Nezumi who were dear to his late beloved. After some trials in the Dreamworld the party secures the Gardener's trust.
  • A battle with several plant-like predators that the Nezumi call Hunters (Boruta)

Vardi, Varmae Fourth, 7604: Geezbik Returns Home

  • Party meets with Kahzik, Geezbik's brother and new Regent of the North Hill; Shepherd Zathis; and Lady Galeegza.

Avendi, Varmae Third, 7604: A Day of Rest

  • Heavy winds cause the party to seek shelter and wait. Potions are brewed.

Tirdi, Varmae First, 7604: Undying Hate

  • A wounded young lady in a velvet dress turns out to be the undead reincarnation of Lucinda, Hag-Duchess of the Blightroot. Her attempt to kill the party, and Kingu in particular fail ... this time.

Veldi, Autumn Sixth, 7604: Anthium Caravan and Zeth Refugees

  • Party encounters Chadra, a fox direling who revers Tolmanus and is friend and business associate to Shepherd Thathis. Pulling 35k gp worth of unrefined anthium ore to market. She has two pet hawks that patrol the road ahead.
  • At night party intercepts a rag tag band of refugees from Zeth led by Castorius, cleric of Tolmanus. The party directs him to Tindale as a place that might welcome them.

Vardi, Autumn Fourth, 7604: Starfall

  • Starfall The sky is aflame with shooting stars. One massive meteor strikes somewhere just outside the Vale to the south. Just before impact the ground seemed to heave to the west and the sky suddenly tilted.
  • Yachak flies away from party for a few hours to follow up on large humanoid tracks leading away from sacked caravan. Finds strange Sigil elves doing battle with a band of ogres lead by a large ogre magi wreathing in flaming floating eyes.

Paldi, Autumn Second, 7604: Setting out for Gul Saura

  • Battle with Chasm Maw, the mutant bulette that's been devouring caravans across the Vale. He barely escaped.
  • Encounter Indra's caravan camping at night.
    • Vargus got very drunk on the blessed wine.
    • Kingu traded elven absinthe for information about a girl in a velvet dress wandering this area in search of him.
  • A small contingent of Purists of the Way were camped in darkness nearby in hopes of "converting" (read as "kidnapping and torturing") any celebrants that might stray too far from Indra's gaze and ample divine power.
    • Considering them charlatans and thugs, Cowl takes it upon himself to them a lesson. He beats them into submission and then interrogates their leader, Eppis, about their High Confessor, Sigmar Vigg. Notes are on Cowl's private page.
  • Empty sky at night except for the bright swarm of stars to the north that are brighter and closer than last night.

Tirdi, Autumn First, 7604: Reunion at the Moonlit Lady

  • Party discusses their various leads and chooses to hunt down Geezbik's patricidal brother, Grahdach.
  • Geezbik beds a pair of working girls and tips most generously. The ladies promise an even more intimate experience upon his return.
  • Vargus gives Madame Zeeva 1000 gold pieces "just in case".
  • Completely black sky at night except for a distant bright nebula to the north.